Conservatives announce new leadership team on South Lakes Council

The Conservatives have announced their new leadership team to shadow Cabinet portfolios on South Lakeland District Council.

Councillor Tom Harvey, the Conservative group leader on the local authority, has today confirmed the following appointments:

Climate Emergency and Localism - Cllr Tom Harvey (Opposition Leader)

Customer and Commercial Services and People - Cllr Helen Irving

Economy, Culture and Leisure - Cllr Roger Bingham

Finance and Resources - Cllr John Holmes (Opposition Deputy Leader)

Health, Wellbeing and Financial Resilience - Cllr Janette Jenkinson

Housing and Innovation - Cllr Kevin Lancaster

Promoting South Lakeland - Cllr James Airey

Commenting on the appointments, Councillor Tom Harvey said: “The new Cabinet positions created by the council’s Lib Dem administration are typically disjointed but it's important we appoint Conservative Councillors to shadow these roles so we can continue to scrutinise the too often out-of-touch decision-making we see.

“My colleagues and I will continue to hold the decision-makers’ feet to the fire but to also give support and guidance when we see some all too rare sensible decisions being made.”