County Matters November 2019


A meeting of the Grange Multi-Agency flood group was held recently with officers from the County and District Councils in addition to the Environment Agency in attendance.

At the meeting it was agreed with residents and business owners to go ahead with the small scale improvements around Windermere Road car park area to help alleviate flooding in the area.

 Major works upstream and the new drainage arrangements between the car park and ornamental gardens were being surveyed and will be reported to the group in the New Year. Plans would then go forward for funding from both the County and the Environment Agency.

It was also agreed at the request from residents to give a monthly update to all on the progress of the works

An item that is very relevant at the present day is staying safe whilst using your computer on line. A programme funded by the  Cumbria Police Commissioner and delivered by GET SAFE ONLINE will be available with free training at Grange Library on Thursday 7th November from 2-30pm to 4pm.Please contact the Library service at Grange for further information.

Cumbria County Council is supporting Stay Well This Winter.

The Stay Well This Winter campaign is a joint initiative from NHS England and Public Health England, to help the public, and in particular those with long-term conditions and those over 65 prepare for winter and ward off common winter illnesses so they do not require a visit to the hospital.

Top tips

Cold weather doesn't have to go hand in hand with illness. Here are some simple things you can do to help yourself stay well this winter.

•Keep warm - this may help prevent colds, flu or more serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and pneumonia.

•Eat well - food gives you energy, which helps to keep you warm. So, try to have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day.

•Get a flu jab - protect against flu by getting the flu vaccination, those over 65, pregnant women, children aged 2-4 and in school years 1 and 2 and people with long-term health conditions can receive this free from their GP or midwife. 

• Seek advice from your GP, midwife or local pharmacist at first sign of illness

•Pick up repeat prescriptions so you have enough while pharmacies/surgeries are closed

•Neighbours - Keep an eye on elderly neighbours and relatives

If you do need help over the holiday period when your GP surgery or pharmacy is closed, call NHS 111 or visit the NHS website. The Stay Well This Winter campaign can help you and your family prepare for winter.

Kindest regards

Bill wearing

Conservative County Councillor Grange Division