October 2020

County Matters

As I make this report our esteemed Duck Warden Tom Ross is recovering from an operation so is unable to do his normal duties. He is very keen to get back to his ducks but we all know that you need to recuperate fully before starting the work again which Tom loves and enjoys. He has over the years been a real stalwart protecting and enhancing the duck population in the Ornamental Gardens for the benefit of us all.

 A team of helpers (myself included) have been deputising for him.  On my occasional trips to the Ornamental Gardens to help put out the food for the ducks I have been pleasantly surprised just how much pleasure both locals and visitors get from seeing all the ducks on the pond. Their generous donations will enable Tom to purchase more ducks to keep it well-stocked which makes anyone’s stay here in Grange an enjoyable experience.

  I have noticed a lot more visitors about Town and enjoying its facilities which is great for our local businesses at this difficult time.

The County Council Cabinet at the invitation from central government has put in a request for local government reorganisation here in Cumbria. The essence of this application is the replacement of both the County Council and 6 District Councils with one Unitary Authority but leaving the Town and Parish Councils to operate at the local level This is just the first of many steps going forward including alternative proposals from some of the District Authorities and also a thorough scrutiny and consultation process on all proposals in the coming months.

Finally as we are experiencing more difficult times coming into the winter months, I would ask everyone to be mindful of their own safety and that of others and stay safe.

Kindest regards

Bill Wearing

 Conservative County Councillor Grange Division