Annual County Report for 2014 - 2015

Annual County Report for 2014 - 2015

by Bill Waring

This has been another busy year with plenty happening in Grange and across the County.

The County has managed to resurface more roads in the past year thanks to extra funding from central government. Quite a few of these have been in our area but there still is a long list to get through and hopefully more will be done in the forthcoming year.

I was successful in finding funding for the children’s play area on the promenade with the latest addition being a modified kiddie’s swing seat to enable young children of all abilities to access this facility.

I have supported the excellent work done by the Grange Youth Prom Project, who have revitalised the whole recreation ground on the promenade over the last few years. This has been work carried out by the group and supported by all councils (Town, District and County).

Recently I have allocated County funds for new iPads to be used by all residents in our excellent local library here in Grange.

Last year there was a move by the Lib/Lab Administration of the County to impose on-street car parking across the whole County area. This was opposed by a vast number of residents and opposition to these proposals led by Conservative County Councillors resulted in the Administration withdrawing these charges.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that our community would not function as effectively as it does without the vast number of volunteers who give of their time and expertise. I include those who man the recreation hut on the promenade to the keen gardeners and staff at the information centre and many more throughout the Town who contribute so much in making Grange special.

I thank you all on behalf of all the residents. Please keep up the good work.


Bill Wearing

Conservative County Councillor for Grange Division