County Matters - April 2019

At our recent meeting of the Grange and Cartmel Community Wellbeing Group, updates and work in progress were reported to the Group. These included items from the Community Lunch, Youth project, Wellbeing hub and discussions on the newsletter to go out to all our area later in the year.

A new approach for a New Year

The last twelve months saw our nation’s economy continue to grow, unemployment at a 43-year low, the number of young people out of work half what it was in 2010 and wages rising at their fastest pace in nearly 10 years.

Housing boost

News of a £2 billion boost to help build homes across the country is great news for Cumbria.

Letter to the Westmorland Gaztte - farming and Brexit

The claim that farmers will be worst off in a post-Brexit economy (‘Plans bad for tenants’ – Westmorland Gazette 1/3/18) is just sour grapes from Mr Farron who does not want to see us leave the EU, as I believe farmers will actually benefit from these plans, especially as they won’t be bogged dow

Recovering Economy - Don't Let Labour Wreck It

Since 2010, we've been getting Britain's economy back on track: cutting the deficit, backing businesses, creating jobs.
Our plan is working. Britain's economy is recovering. But Labour's plans for more spending, more borrowing and more debt would wreck the progress the country has made - and mean chaos for the economy and higher taxes for hard-working families.

Yessss, it's a No!

Dr. Ann Myatt, our 2015 Parliamentary Candidate, expresses her joy at the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Budget Gives a Welcome Boost to Businesses in South Lakeland

Dr Ann Myatt, Conservative Candidate for Westmorland & Lonsdale, has welcomed the announcements in the Budget that will back manufacturers and businesses in South Lakeland by helping them not only invest more but also export more.

Is it GAME over?

Ben Berry comments on GAME's tough times and efforts for retailers in Kendal