County Matters - July 2019

At a recent meeting of the Grange and Cartmel Wellbeing Group it was decided to put together a Local Wellbeing Directory with all the local groups and organisations in the area with their contact details in one easily accessible document.

If you would like to be included please contact either Carol Last our County Engagement Officer at or Mike Lamb who is coordinating all this for the Group at

Also circulated at the meeting was a leaflet mentioning a new group established for parents with a new baby which will be meeting on Thursdays at the Grange Methodist Church Hall between 1pm to 3pm.

The Group is also aiming to circulate a newsletter with interesting information relating to health and wellbeing in our area and any suggestions would be welcome, just send them to Carol or Mike as above.

A recent Government circulation around wellbeing mentioned the five essentials of

1. Connect with people around you, friends and local community groups as they are your foundation and will support and enrich your life

2. Exercising makes you feel good: walking, cycling, playing or dancing. Find an activity you enjoy which suits your ability and fitness.

3. Be curious. Be aware of the world around you and what you are feeling.

4. Try something new. Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving.

5. Do something nice for a friend or stranger. Thank someone. Smile. Become a volunteer.

For further information on the above please go to

Kindest regards

Bill Wearing

Conservative County Councillor Grange Division