County Matters - September 2019

Unfortunately the Dales and Lakes Historic Vehicle Day on Grange Playing fields had to be cancelled this year because of inclement weather. This was the first time in over 20 years that it has been cancelled due to bad weather. I did contact the Chairman and I am glad to say that they have enough resources to be able to put on another show next year. He did ask if I knew of anyone who would like to volunteer to be on the committee to help organise this event.  I said I would ask around and if anyone is interested please get in touch with me and I will put them in contact with the committee.

The County Council are looking for volunteers for their Voluntary Car Scheme. This provides transport to members of the community of all ages (under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult) who cannot make a journey by public or private transport. A volunteer driver uses their own car to provide journeys which are coordinated locally and expenses are reimbursed. For further information please contact Katy on 07788 396194.

An exhibition last month in Grange Library catalogued the past 20 years of the work carried out in the Town by the 3 Parks Groups (otherwise known as the 3P’s Group).

This important group of volunteers helped fund raise and implement the following programmes in the Town; The ornamental gardens, the Gym equipment on the Prom, the children’s playground, the Veterans garden; the Orchard and Colonel Porritt’s rock garden and are at present working with SLDC to renew the shelter in the Ornamental Gardens. There are 3 leaflets in 25 outlets in and around the Town explaining their projects.

I mentioned this at the last Town Council meeting and asked that as a community we needed to thank them for all their contributions to enhancing our local environment.

I personally would like to thank the 3P’s Chairman Ron Shapland for his leadership and vision along with all the hard working members of the committee which has enabled this Group to achieve all these projects for the Town