County Matters update

County Matters

As I reported to the Town Council on the 9th February the County Council Lib-Dem/Labour Cabinet are recommending to the Full Council a 2% increase in council tax later in the month. I will not be supporting this proposal and will be voting against it.

The County Council Senior Manager with responsibility for Highways and I reported to the Town Council at this meeting on the results of the nine areas where traffic monitoring had taken place before Christmas.

Of the six locations in the centre of the Town the average speed was shown to be well within the speed limit and of the three on the outskirts they were within 10% of the 30mph limit.

The Senior Manager agreed to undertake more monitoring in the summer months to give the Town Council the information relating to a busier period of time. This will enable us to compare volumes of traffic and speeds to help understand the movement of vehicles through and in the Town.

I would like to add my thanks to the Highways team that have just recently re-surfaced part of Hampsfell Road and Pig Lane in the centre of the Town. They managed the process with a minimum of inconvenience and disruption to us all and did an excellent job.

Our Local County Council Engagement Officer Kelly Alty is leaving us for pastures new. I would just like to thank her on your behalf for all the dedicated work she has done for our communities here in the Grange Area. The new officer taking on Kelly’s role will be Carol Last who can be reached on 01539 713180; e-mail:


Bill Wearing

Conservative County Councillor Grange Division