What a waste - Liberal Democrat council spending in South Lakes

The most serious responsibility that any council administration has is to ensure its resources are well used to fund local public services.
As custodians of resources provided by the public to fund services delivered by South Lakeland District Council and Cumbria County Council, the Liberal Democrats have not been doing this – and this document proves why.
This analysis highlights seven areas where Liberal Democrat decisions have meant public resources have not been used to best-effect in the interests of local taxpayers and service users in South Lakeland.
We have only used examples independently reported by the media or confirmed by local authorities.
These examples show that the Liberal Democrats have wasted  £919,400 during their time in office and present voters with a clear choice at the local elections on Thursday 3 May – more of the same under the Liberal Democrats or a fresh-start with a new Conservative-led Council. 
Councillor Ben Berry


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